Prague Private Tours

Flexible and custom made, these tours can include many other sights important for Czech history, such as the crypt where the assassins who killed the Butcher of Prague fought to death, Statues of David Cerny, churches of Mala Strana etc.

You name it, we do it! All of the tours below are tailored to your needs and desires. Generally, a 3-hour excursion costs 150 EUR, but we have to stress that the prices for private tours may vary depending on the size of the group and charges for admission tickets. There is a big difference between a group of 20 people and a family of 3 joining a private walk, so we want to make sure that it is reflected in the pricing. For any further information, please, contact us through this phone number +420 776 488 217, our email address, or fill out a contact form.

Here are some suggestions!


On this private Prague tour you will learn everything about Prague's history from its foundation to the fall of communism and the economic transition that took place in the 90s. We will cover the area of the Old Town, Jewish Quarter, Charles Bridge, Lesser Town and Prague Castle.

We will adjust the route and the monuments you will see based on what interests you the most but you can expect the most important sights like Prague astronomical clock, the Old-New Synagoue, St. Vitus Cathedral and more to be covered. We will pick you up at your hotel/airbnb and start the tour from there.

The basic length of this Prague tour is 3 hours with a short coffee break in the middle of the tour. Price and length can be discussed, just click on the enquiry button and tell us what your wishes are!



 This Private Second World War and Communism tour will cover all the important sights and monuments connected to this darkest period of Czech history. We will visit the crypt where the british trained czech paratroopers fought till their death during the Anthropoid operation, you will see the seat of Gestapo and where the torture chambers were as well as the place where Jan Palach burned himself to death as a protest against the Warsaw pact invasion of 1968 and the most important sights of the Velvet Revolution.

On the way we will make a break in a typical communist-era canteen and there you can try the Czechoslovak style Coca Cola and typical czech street food snacks.



Prague's most famous nickname is the City of Hundred Spires, on this tour we will unveil why. You will visit the most famous but also some of the most hidden churches and their interiors. We will show you where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played organ, you will see the famous Infant Jesus of Prague and also a real humand hand once cut off a thief that is still hanging next to an entrance of the most beautiful Old Town baroque church.

We will tell you about architecture and why certain parts were built in a certain way but we will also show you details that escape most visitor's sights like for example a bullet pierced armor of a deceased general or a face of a curious jesuit student that has unwantigly become part of a fresco of St. Nicholas Church.



Our personal favorite! Vysehrad is the place where the legends and the real history met to create one of the most magical UNESCO sights of Prague. It is here where the princess Libuse foretold the greatness of Prague from and where the coronation ceremony of Bohemian kings would start. Nowadays Vysehrad is a serene park area full of hidden Prague view spots and architectural gems.

For czechs there is no more important place which would stand at the center of Czech National Revival. It is here in the end where composers like Antonin Dvorak and Bedrich Smetana or writers like Bozena Nemcova or Jaroslav Seifert are buried.