Charles Bridge Prague

Charles Bridge is one of the longest bridges in Medieval Europe, 516 meters! It was started to be built in 1357 during the reign of Charles IV, and finished only about 50 years later by his son Wenceslas IV. It was not the first ever stone bridge in Prague, but had been the only one for 450 years.
Charles Bridge connects the most important must see places in Prague, the Old Town and the Prague Castle District. Even Charles IV crossed it on his way to be crowned in the St. Vitus Cathedral, which started the tradition for all kings to come.
After Thirty Years war, Charles Bridge became an impressive open-air gallery for baroque statues. Now there are 31 statues of saints there, most of which are made of sandstone. Among them is the famous St. John of Nepomuk who can fulfil your wishes. His legend says that this poor saint was thrown to Vltava river from the Charles Bridge for refusing to reveal the secret of queen's confession to the king. Later, the king's crime was discovered in the light of 5 five stars that grace St. John of Nepomuk's head now.
Charles Bridge Tower also makes this Prague historical sight stand out on the panorama of Vltava river. There are actually two towers, the highest one located on the side of the Prague Old Town. It is open for visitors and has a small museum dedicated to the history of the Prague bridge.