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Prague certified guides with several years of experience. Join one of our small group tours and learn everything you wanted to know about Prague's history. Official website, money back guarantee!

The best way to get to know Prague is through the eyes of locals who love their city. And we do! We are Vaclav, Valery and Nico, three friends and Prague licensed guides with more than 5 years of experience who decided to join our forces to create these amazing tours.

Prague is our home and its history is our passion. That's why we take an interactive approach to our tours and show you pictures, play music and videos, which bring out the unique aspects of Prague's history. To make our tours even more personal, we keep our groups smaller, 10 people or less, so everyone can ask as many questions as they want.

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St. Vitus Cathedral

This tour includes a tickets to Prague Castle interiors and skip the line. You will see the room of Prague’s defenstration, Golden Lane and the alchemist chambers, St. Vitus Cathedral, Tomb of St. Wenceslas and the list continues. Join us and explore the largest castle complex in the world!

920 CZK/37 EUR


Prague Old Town

This tour includes Prague's most iconic sights in one package: Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, The Estates Theatre, Jewish Quarter, Charles Bridge and many more…
In 2.5 hours you will know more about Prague than majority of locals do.

400 CZK/16 EUR


Prague Oldtown Square

This tour is designed for people who want to see Prague's iconic sights, hear about Czech history and taste traditional food. After this tour is done you can definitely say you saw the whole city.
All in one day, in 6 hours we will cover 30+ SIGHTS!

1050 CZK/42 EUR

How to find us? Easy peasy! Look for a giant red umbrella with a number "100" in white! We assure you, the person who is holding it is one of us (unless we got robbed :o). As soon as we get back to you with the confirmation of your booking, you will receive more details about where the tour will start. Also, you can find the meeting points for our tours with their respective addresses at the bottom of each page that talks about our tours.

Ready to go on an adventure with us? Explore the hidden gems and secret places that only locals know?
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Nico, Vaclav and Valery: one might say that we are weird and they would be right! Because there is nothing normal about people who are so mad about the city they live in. Since the time we met at work years ago, we knew that our friendship, trust and mutual support would be a great foundation for our own company. You can almost call us a family business, except we are not related. For us this job and this company is a dream come true.


There is a reason why Valery is standing in front of this beautiful basilican portal. She has been long fascinated with art and architecture. Fortunately for her, Prague has a lot to offer! Baroque and gothic, romanesque and renaissance, cubism and purism… They might be just styles of design and painting, but for Valery they are also never-ending source of inspiration and reading material. As a consequence, she developed a slight book-purchasing addiction. She promised to quit! (Not) Her goal is to create a little home library and have her family and friends enjoy their reading sessions there. Oh, and lastly, Valery knows a thing or two about shopping in Prague and will gladly share her favourite spots!


As you can see, it's hard to keep Nico steady. The moment he hits the streets of Prague, it’s like the Earth looses its sense of gravity. Nico has more energy than a group of pre-schoolers that just entered a theme park because he is actually half Bolivian! So if any of you hablo español, you have an opportunity to practicar! Nico is also an actor and a professional opera singer. Don’t be surprised when he randomly breaks into a song, we warned you! Although singing is still something he finds amusing, Nico decided to use his vocal cords to stun you with sounds of Czech history. Mozart approves!

Vaclav aka 'V'

Vaclav is, what we call nowadays, a rare type- a Praguer. Basically, an endangered specie. They are as scarce as hen’s teeth, trust us! Before discovering his passion for guiding, V spent time trying to watch every movie ever made. So if you want to make friends with him, strike up a conversation about cinema, and by the end of the tour you will have at least a dozen new films, tv series, and anime recommendations! Why do we call him 'V' by the way? Because in those 5 years that Vaclav has been working as a guide, he received just one complaint: his name is too difficult to pronounce. We dare you try when you meet him in person!

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