Prague Weather - Average Temperatures

It is hard to find a person who would know more about choosing the weather-appropriate outfit than a tour guide. Every morning, we open our forecast apps and study them carefully to create a perfect outdoor look. While there is no formula for an ultimate Prague outfit and Mother Nature still manages to take us off guard, we have collected some tips and tricks that we can share with you.

What is the weather like in Prague?

Let's start with the question “When are you planning to visit Prague?”. It is so simple, yet everything that will go in your suitcase depends on it. In the Czech Republic, temperature varies greatly depending on what time of the year it is, going all the way up to +38°C/+100,4°F in summer and then down to -20°C/-4°F in winter. With that said, it’s best to talk about each season separately. We will start with the most popular.

Average temperature: +23°C/+73,4 °F

Prague’s warmest time of the year starts from mid-May and finishes mid-September. Arguably, the most comfortable time to travel! The city is buzzing during summer months: restaurants and cafes take over streets and rooftops with their gardens and terraces, countless festivals provide unique entertainment and great street food, and everyone is enjoying those extra daylight hours. Sounds great, we know, but there is just one thing to keep in mind…the Heat Index.

To put it short, the Heat Index is a combination of temperature and humidity levels. When the temperature goes over +27°C/+80,6°F and humidity is above 40%, it gets stuffy. Of course, Prague Heat Index cannot be compared to one of the countries with a subtropical climate, but it is definitely something to be aware of. A lot of our summer days are like that, so we strongly recommend wearing hats, light fabrics, and hydrating throughout your outside adventures.

Average temperature: +13°C/+55,4°F

Although those two seasons are unpredictable in terms of “dress code”, we have to stress a couple of things out. The only ‘transitional’ months in autumn and spring are September and May. During September the weather is gradually getting chilly, and in May the temperature rises a little bit day by day, so you can still get away with wearing some of your lighter jackets and coats. The rest of the seasons’ months (October and November, March, and April) are pretty cold! We tend to get most of our rainy and really windy days in those times of the year, and that’s when everyone wishes they wore their winter jackets instead of fashionable trenches! If you are convinced that the odds are going to be in your favor and the sun is going to shine throughout your stay (like it did this October!), dress in layers. That is the best solution for our capricious weather!


Average temperature: -0,5°C/+23°F

Prague winter also has a secret! It is called the Wind Chill Index. It is pretty self-explanatory! When the wind is stronger than 1,3 m/s, it feels a lot colder than thermometers actually show. Trust us. The most common question that we receive in winter is “Why is it so cold?”. Well, now you know why! So, please, dress accordingly.

To explore the city, we recommend wearing extra layers and thermal wear, windproof jackets, and shoes with thick soles. That’s what helps locals have long strolls through Christmas markets! That, and a lot of hot wine with "trdelnik".


What is the coldest month in Prague?

Sometimes the coldest month is January, sometimes February, sometimes December, depends on the year. Whichever one of these months you decide to travel to Prague though, make sure to pack up with heavy equipment!

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Author: Valeriia Zahradnikova and Vaclav Zahradnik, Prague guides certified by Prague City Tourism agency. Valeriia and Vaclav have worked in tourism for over 6 years and have guided thousands of Prague visitors.