Prague Souvenirs from a Supermarket - 8 Unique Ideas

We firmly believe that you do not have to buy overpriced magnets, statuettes, and keychains because the best Czech souvenirs can be found in a regular store! So what are the Prague supermarket souvenirs that you should get?

Prague Supermarket Souvenirs

  • Beer - That one is obvious. We are the biggest beer-drinking nation in the world. That means you should drink as much as you want because the quality of Czech beer cannot be compared to the majority of other countries’. If you had enough and bringing a case of beer through the airport security sounds like too much trouble, we have good news for you. After centuries of drinking, we have discovered other beer benefits besides making people happier and, honestly, better. Beer has positive effects on your skin and hair, so you can try other beer-infused products, such as shampoos and creams. Our favorites are from brands Botanicus and Manufactura. And yes, nowadays you can find these shampoos in any convenient store!
  • Krtecek aka Little Mole merch - Prague supermarket's kids' section will not only have regular Disney characters, but also a very popular Czech cartoon - Krteček aka Little Mole ( it is not a rap name, believe it or not). Krtecek was invented by Czech cartoonist Zdeněk Miller in 1957, and very quickly became the only celebrity-mole behind the iron curtain. Nowadays, he enjoys his fame from the store windows, but you can find his cute face on toys, mugs, keychains, t-shirts, and other souvenirs. We suspect that Little Mole’s incredible popularity is because he speaks a universal language of Gibberish and, therefore, can be understood by all ages and nationalities. Check out his opus magnum series and decide for yourself.
  • Oplatka traditional wafer - If you have a sweet tooth, the best thing to get from the Czech Republic is Oplatka! It is a thin round waffle that Czechs have been feasting on since the 1850s. Rumor has it, that the first oplatka was baked by a resourceful monk, who was ordered to prepare a snack for the guests. Not having many things at hand, he improvised with the recipe for communion bread by adding a mixture of nuts, sugar, and cinnamon between two layers of waffles. And voila! More than 150 years later, oplatka is still a beloved local desert! You can find it in every grocery store, but the best is a freshly baked one, usually available on seasonal markets.
  • Hermelin cheese - Another great Prague food souvenir is Hermelin cheese! It is a camembert type of cheese with white mold coating. Delicious! Hermelin will go together with the next supermarket souvenir on our list.
  • Moravian wine - Yes, we are not just into beer drinking, we love wine too! Moravia is a southern region of the Czech Republic, which is famous for its vineyards. Every year hundreds of Czechs head south to indulge in wine tasting and cellar (as in wine cellar) hopping. If you do not have extra 3 days (one reserved for a hangover) to visit beautiful Moravia, you can get yourself a couple of bottles of their white wine. We won't judge if you will open the first bottle already in the airport!

Something fancy, perhaps?

These you won't get at a supermarket anymore.

  • Czech Glass - You can find some version of this souvenir in every store, but if you need a specific one, we recommend Dum Porcelanu and Pragl, where you can make your own souvenir in a glass blowing workshop! Shops like Moser have the most stunning selections of art pieces and dish sets made of Czech signature material. Be careful, there is a vast difference between ‘glass’ and ‘Bohemian crystal’. The latter is more expensive, has more than 4% lead in it, and when accidentally being shattered on the floor, has a nice sonorous ring. We do not recommend testing the last one out!
  • As much as everyone loves cheap Prague souvenirs, sometimes you just want to find that one-of-a-kind gift. We’ve got you covered. Czech Design scene continues to expand (check out the Czech Design Map official website), and now we have dozens of great shops that offer local handmade goods which, we are sure, would make great gifts for you and your loved ones.  For classic souvenirs, such as magnets, t-shirts, notebooks, keychains, etc., check out Pragtique. Lipa Store and Czechdesign Gallery and Shop are great for candles, jewelry, glass, and porcelain gifts. If you are a stationery enthusiast, you will love Papelote.

    Author: Valeriia Zahradnikova and Vaclav Zahradnik, Prague guides certified by Prague City Tourism agency. Valeriia and Vaclav have worked in tourism for over 6 years and have guided thousands of Prague visitors.