Romantic Dinner in Prague

Prague is a romantic city. I mean, where else in the world can you walk from one historical city quarter filled with baroque palaces and renaissance houses by crossing a medieval gothic bridge, hearing your steps on the cobblestones of winding streets or on the walkways of hidden gardens?

After exploring this magical and one-of-a-kind city you would probably want to dine in a place with an equally unique atmosphere and excellent kitchen. If yes, then we recommend visiting Triton Restaurant.

It is located on Wenceslas Square, a busy modern avenue that hides the entrance to this gem. Triton is an Art Nouveau restaurant that was opened in 1912 and used to be a hotspot of the Czech high society. Actors from nearby theatres would enter the restaurant through an underground passage and perform in front of their famous guests. What also makes this restaurant special is the fact that the whole interior is decorated to look like you are seated in a stalactite cave with engravings and paintings of Greek myths and legends.

Triton menu definitely lives up to the fine dining level and can surprise you with a variety of exquisite dishes. No wonder, as Triton's chef worked in the Michelin restaurant!