Novy Svet Prague

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Novy Svet is a tiny area located near Hradcany District where the servants of the Prague Castle lived. Nowadays, Novy Svet attracts people because of its serene atmosphere and narrow winding streets. You can also find curious house signs there, such as the Dolphin and the Lamb houses. 

Novy Svet Houses and History

According to some sources, Novy Svet was established in the second half of the 14th century at the place of the Brusnice stream ravine. In 1360, Bohemian king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV included Novy Svet to the Hradcany District and its newly built defense wall.

Even though Novy Svet is one of the most romantic places you can visit in Prague, there was hardly anything romantic about living here at the time it was founded. The area was inhabited mainly by poor people who worked in the Prague Castle. Their numerous families huddled in the tiny houses and often experienced hunger. In striving to have better lives, the Prague Castle servants would name their humble dwellings House of the Golden Star, Golden Acorn, or Golden Grape. You can still find these "wishful-thinking" house signs at the Novy Svet! 

The most famous house on Novy Svet street is the House of the Golden Griffon that used to have a hotel, where the famous Danish astronomer, Tycho Brahe, stayed before moving to his house next to the Phorelec neighborhood. Tycho Brahe is buried in the Tyn Church - the biggest church of Prague Old Town. 

Novy Svet had two big fires that destroyed all wooden dwellings, but you can still find the last timbered house in the Prague historical center! It is called U Raka or Crayfish House: the house stood next to the Brusnice stream (now covered by the street) and people would fish for them there. U Raka is now a romantic hotel with only a couple of rooms - perfect for anyone who wants to stay in one of the most picturesque and serene areas of Prague. 


Our Local Guide Tip

  • If you exit the tam #22 on Brusnice stop and follow the tram tracks to the right, you will be able to see the defense wall and steps going down to the Novy Svet area. The best part is the view from there, of course!
  • Visit Cafe Novy Svet if you are around this area after 11 am. This cafe has a view of the Deer Moat and Brusnice stream from its balcony. We will be honest, guys, their waiters are moody, but Cafe Novy Svet does have nice home-made pies and good coffee. 
  • After you'll finish exploring Novy Svet, head out to explore Prague Loreta, Strahov Monastery, and Prague Castle!

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