Traditional Prague Restaurant

Welcome to Prague and enjoy! And while you are at it, have a beer! We are sure that all Prague visitors know or have, at least, heard of Pilsner beer. It is the golden liquid that has made Czech lands famous not only across the whole of Europe but across the entire world!

As the name "Pilsner" suggests, this fabulous bottom fermented drink was created in the city Pilsen (Plzeň in Czech), so if you really want to reach the cradle of this delicisous lager you have two options. You can either take a one hour train ride to Pilsen and visit their brewery, or you can come to U Pinkasu Restaurant right in the center of Prague!

U Pinkasu is the first place in Praguethat imported Pilsner Urquell from Pilsen and enriched the taste buds of Prague locals. In 1843, just one year after the official creation of the first batch of Pilsner, a tailor Jakub Pinkas decided to order a few containers of this potion to try for himself. He was so blown away by the delicious taste of the beer that he quit his tailor job and opened his own pub that is one of the most successful beer joints of the Czech capital. Try it yourself!

U Pinkasu is only few steps away from the Wenceslas Square and, whether you decide to sit indoors or in the shade of a 14th century church at their outside garden, we are sure you won't be dissapointed.